Eating Meat, Dairy, Eggs, and Fish Can Make Your Breath Stink!

You know the old saying, “You are what you eat.” To that, we can add another one, “You smell like what you eat.” My father-in-law learned that lesson when he served in the Persian Gulf Command during World War II. He heard that the local people in Iran complained that the American soldiers smelled like sour milk. He laughed it off at the time; but when he got back to the United States after the war, he noticed the same thing. People who had been eating the standard American diet did smell like sour milk! People who had been eating Persian food did not. The reason was simple. The Americans were eating far more meat and milk and eggs and fish than the Persian people were.

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Low-Fat, Plant-Based Diet Protects the Prostate

If you are a man who wants to avoid having prostate problems, eat less fat and more fiber and catch some rays. The standard American diet, which is high in fat and animal hormones and low in fiber, is a major risk factor for prostate problems. The lack of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is another risk factor. To get vitamin D, go out in the  sunshine.

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