Science journal spreads false rumors about vegan diet

As I explain in Where Do Goril­las Get Their Pro­tein?,  a low-fat veg­an diet is good for peo­ple and good for the envi­ron­ment.  How­ev­er, an arti­cle in the Pro­ceed­ings of the Nation­al Acad­e­my of Sci­ences (PNAS) dis­agrees. It claims that veg­an diets would be a dis­as­ter for pub­lic health. Yet the authors are not experts on human nutri­tion or pub­lic health. Instead, they are experts on how to feed live­stock. Their did not base their con­clu­sions on any stud­ies of human nutri­tion. As a result, they give bad dietary advice.

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Is Coconut Oil Good for You?

Late­ly, food fad­dists have been claim­ing that coconut oil is a health food. They claim that it will help you lose weight. In real­i­ty, coconut oil is as fat­ten­ing as any oth­er fat. Some peo­ple even claim that coconut oil can cure Alzheimer’s dis­ease. In real­i­ty, coconut oil can pro­mote ath­er­o­scle­ro­sis, which is an impor­tant cause of vas­cu­lar demen­tia. Also, fats of any kind tend to make your body less sen­si­tive to insulin. For this rea­son, eat­ing coconut oil would prob­a­bly make type 2 dia­betes worse. Coconut oil could even make Alzheimer’s dis­ease worse. Alzheimer’s dis­ease seems to be relat­ed to insulin resis­tance in the brain.

So why are peo­ple pro­mot­ing coconut oil for brain health? They know that coconut oil is part of a diet for chil­dren with epilep­sy. How­ev­er, they do not under­stand why this diet is used.

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