Oil Your Hair, Not Your Food

If you put oil in your dog’s food, it sup­pos­ed­ly makes his coat glossy. If we eat too much fat, we can end up with a coat that is too glossy, with too much oil on our skin and hair. But what if your hair is dry? Does that mean that you should eat more fat? Def­i­nite­ly not. To find cas­es of peo­ple with a gen­uine dietary defi­cien­cy of fat, you have to look at peo­ple who were being fed noth­ing but sug­ar intra­venous­ly. If your hair is dry, add oil direct­ly to the hair, not to your food!

One effec­tive way to add oil to your hair is with a hot oil treat­ment. I tried this yes­ter­day and am thrilled with the results. My hair is curly and very thick, and it tends to mis­be­have, espe­cial­ly in the sum­mer. So I heat­ed up a few table­spoons of olive oil in the microwave for a few sec­onds (not too hot!) and applied it direct­ly to my hair. I couldn’t believe how much oil my hair absorbed! So I heat­ed up more oil and added that. I let the oil soak in for about 15 min­utes, then I sham­pooed my hair: lath­er and rinse, no repeat.

My hair turned out soft and man­age­able. I think that next time I’ll try a mix­ture of olive and coconut oil, to see how that works!

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