Don’t Eat Fruit Bats, and Avoid Algae Blooms!

The peo­ple with the world’s high­est risk of Lou Gehrig’s dis­ease were the Chamor­ro peo­ple, who were the native peo­ple of Guam. These peo­ple also had a high risk of Alzheimer-like demen­tia and dis­or­ders like parkin­son­ism. The prob­lem didn’t seem to be genet­ic or con­ta­gious, and the dis­eases became less com­mon when the pop­u­la­tion became more Amer­i­can­ized after World War II. These facts sug­gest­ed that the prob­lem result­ed from some­thing that the peo­ple had been eat­ing.

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High-Fat Diet Causes Alzheimer’s Disease

Even Late in Life, a Low-Fat Diet Helps

The more fat you eat, the more like­ly you are to lose your mar­bles in your old age. This graph came from an arti­cle that explains why it’s rea­son­able to con­clude that the fat in the diet is the cul­prit. It also explains that even late in life, a change to a bet­ter diet is ben­e­fi­cial.

The arti­cle men­tions that in Europe and North Amer­i­ca, high­er fish con­sump­tion seemed to pro­vide some reduc­tion in risk. That may be because the fish were sim­ply replac­ing foods that were even more dan­ger­ous. It doesn’t mean that a health-opti­miz­ing diet for a human being would include fish.