Scientists and celebrities

Nutrition Experts Whom I Trust

The following are people who have a good scientific reputation and are knowledgeable about human nutrition. They may disagree with each other on a few small points, but they are basically in agreement that the appropriate diet for optimizing human health is low in fat and based exclusively or almost exclusively on unrefined plant foods:

Celebrities Whom I Don’t Trust

narcissists-cover-01Today, many people with no training in nutrition or dietetics have become famous for teachings about nutrition. Some of them are giving bad advice about diet and health. I do not want to name these people by name, for two reasons. One is that I don’t want to feed the narcissists. I do not want to give people attention that they do not deserve. (I explain all about narcissism in my book Don’t Feed the Narcissists!)  The other is that people who make their living by giving bad advice tend to be thin-skinned and vindictive. Fortunately, their careers tend to follow the same patterns as the phonies who went before them. By reading about the careers of people from the 20th century and earlier, you will learn how to spot the phonies. The following is a list of people who gained fame and sometimes fortune by giving bad advice about health and nutrition: