Fat Doesn’t “Flush”!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just “flush” your excess body fat down the toilet? Overweight people love that idea, so they’re vulnerable to anyone who promises that they can simply “flush” their fat away. The problem is that “fat flushing” doesn’t work.

Body fat isn’t waste, it’s stored energy. It’s like money in the bank. Your body doesn’t want to “flush” that away! Even if it wanted to, it couldn’t.

Your body has a limited number of ways to get rid of waste. Carbon dioxide leaves your body through your lungs. In hot weather, you can lose a lot of water and salt through your sweat glands. However, most of what we think of as waste leaves the body through either the kidneys or the liver.

You can’t flush fat from the body through the kidneys. If you could, you’d end up seeing an oil slick on top of your urine. It’s not normal to pass any significant amount of fat in the urine. The presence of even small amounts of fat in the urine is called lipiduria. It’s a sign of a serious medical condition, such as severe kidney disease or a fracture in a large bone.

The liver breaks down a lot of toxins and other substances. It can also put some waste products into a fluid called bile. The bile then passes into the small intestine. However, the intestines then reabsorb much of what the liver had put into the bile. The material that is reabsorbed then gets carried straight back to the liver.

If your liver were flushing fat out of your body, the fat would be going into your small intestine. Then it would get reabsorbed and carried straight back to the liver. If you were losing a significant amount of fat through your intestines, you would end up passing a lot of fat in your feces. So unless you are finding lots of fat in your toilet bowl, you simply aren’t “flushing” fat from your body.

One popular author of diet books promotes what she calls a “fat flush” diet. However, her diet can’t overcome the basic biology of the human body. Although that author doesn’t have the kind of scientific credentials that she pretends to have, she probably knows that you can’t flush fat from the liver. That’s why her “fat flush” regimen also includes a severely low-calorie diet. So while the dieters imagine that they are flushing their fat, they are actually losing weight the conventional way, by eating a low fewer calories than they burn up.

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