Ask the California State Senate to Require Nutrition Education for MDs

The California State Senate is considering legislation to require doctors to learn about nutrition if they want to keep their license to practice medicine. Yes, state legislatures can do that! Here’s the text of SB 380. If you live in California, ask your state senator to support it. If you don’t live in California but have friends in California, ask them to ask their state senator to support it.

In a hearing about this legislation, John McDougall, MD, said,

The joke is that a doctor and his secretary know the same about nutrition unless she is on a diet, in which case she knows more. … If you correct what’s making people sick, they get well.

The California Medical Association opposes the measure. Of course they do. Their representative suggested that ophthalmologists and orthopedic surgeons don’t need to get this training. She’s somehow ignoring the fact that our major causes of new cases of blindness and vision loss are diabetes, macular degeneration, and cataracts, all of which are strongly linked to diet. Ophthalmologists should know this. The joint diseases that cause people to end up getting a knee replacement are largely dietary. Orthopedic surgeons should know this. The CMA hasn’t made sure that they learn it. The state government can demand that doctors learn it if they want to keep their license.

It would be in the best interest of the people of California for their doctors to get proper training in nutrition. Therefore, the California legislature should use its power to regulate the medical profession to insist that doctors get this training. That’s why the state governments were given the power to regulate the medical profession to begin with!

Watch the testimony here.

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