Frying Onions Without Oil

Near­ly every time I cook a meal, the first step is to fry some onions. When peo­ple hear that I cook with­out fat, they want to know how I fry my onions. Believe it or not, I fry onions in a dry pan. Some­times, I even fry onions in a plain stain­less steel fry­ing pan or pres­sure cook­er. You don’t even need a non­stick coat­ing or any of that oil-in-a-can stuff.

The secret is to keep a cup of water handy. When the onions start to stick, I add a splash of water, which boils off almost instant­ly. Some­times, I keep on fry­ing the onions until they are nice­ly browned. This caramelizes the sug­ars and gives a rich fla­vor. If you want to cook some­thing fan­cy, you can also fry things in a splash of wine!

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