Scientists Know that Fatty Diets Cause Blood Sugar Problems

There’s a huge dis­con­nect between what sci­en­tists know about diet and what ordi­nary peo­ple are being taught about diet. Most peo­ple seem to think that peo­ple get dia­betes from eat­ing too much sug­ar or starch. How­ev­er, the sci­en­tists who wrote this arti­cle seem to think that it’s com­mon knowl­edge, at least among sci­en­tists, that peo­ple get type 2 dia­betes from eat­ing too much fat.

Behind Barbed Wire_PrintNote: To learn how fat­ty diets cause blood sug­ar prob­lems, read my book Thin Dia­betes, Fat Dia­betes: Pre­vent Type 1, Cure Type 2.

One thought on “Scientists Know that Fatty Diets Cause Blood Sugar Problems”

  1. Ani­mal-based foods are prob­a­bly worse than plant-based foods in pro­mot­ing insulin resis­tance, not just because of the kinds of fat in them but also because of the over­load of branched-chain amino acids.

    Near­ly all stud­ies of nutri­tion have some sort of method­olog­i­cal flaw or lim­i­ta­tion. How­ev­er, these prob­lems are often addressed by oth­er stud­ies. If you want to under­stand nutri­tion, you have to look at the sci­en­tif­ic evi­dence as a whole. For a good expla­na­tion of what hap­pened when peo­ple refused to look at all of the evi­dence about dietary fat, see the book The Cho­les­terol Wars: The Skep­tics Vs. The Pre­pon­der­ance of the Evi­dence, by Daniel Stein­berg.

    I took some eco­nom­ics cours­es in school and I’ve been involved in med­ical pub­lish­ing for more than 20 years, so I’m not naive. Nev­er­the­less, I think it’s sil­ly to imag­ine that “who paid for the study” is “the most impor­tant piece of data.” Financ­ing makes a huge dif­fer­ence in what research gets done, how it gets done, and whether the results get pub­lished, but there’s no rea­son to sus­pect that all those sci­en­tists whose work keeps show­ing that fat­ty diets are bad for human health are involved in a vast con­spir­a­cy to com­mit sci­en­tif­ic mis­con­duct, even if you don’t like their results!

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