Americans Eat Like Sumo Wrestlers

It’s no sur­prise that so many Amer­i­cans look like sumo wrestlers. They eat like sumo wrestlers! As this video explains, ordi­nary peo­ple from the East Asian coun­tries, includ­ing Japan, eat a diet that is based heav­i­ly on steamed rice and veg­eta­bles. To pack on the pounds, sumo wrestlers eat a dish called chanko-nabe, which is high in fat. They also drink a lot of beer. The goal is to eat a lot more calo­ries than they burn up in their train­ing.

The man in this video did say a few things that weren’t exact­ly cor­rect. You don’t have to sweat away excess sodi­um. Your kid­neys nor­mal­ly excrete excess sodi­um and water. Also, the extra calo­ries from car­bo­hy­drate or alco­hol can help you pack on the pounds, but only if you are also eat­ing a lot of fat. The insulin that is pro­duced in response to a meal caus­es the body to burn sug­ar and store fat. As a result, the body will main­ly burn car­bo­hy­drate and alco­hol for ener­gy after the meal. The body will not use much fat for ener­gy until most of the incom­ing car­bo­hy­drate has been used or stored.

It is easy to fat­ten on fats, but it is hard to fat­ten on starch or alco­hol. The human body can con­vert sug­ar to fat. How­ev­er, it gen­er­al­ly avoids doing so because the con­ver­sion process is inef­fi­cient. That’s why peo­ple on a starchy diet tend to be skin­ny. A sim­i­lar prin­ci­ple applies to alco­hol. That’s why peo­ple who are drink­ing heav­i­ly but not eat­ing much food tend to be slim.

sumo-1870sNotice that these Sumo wrestlers from the 1870s weren’t ter­ri­bly fat. Mod­ern sumo wrestlers are obese and are prone to ill­ness­es that are uncom­mon in Japan. Their life expectan­cy is cor­re­spond­ing­ly short­er than that of an ordi­nary Japan­ese per­son.

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